Building WorkSuite


Building and site design and analysis software

  • Design, document, visualize, and communicate every aspect of a building and site project.
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Reduce errors, save design time, and avoid project delays.

About this software subscription: This Virtuoso Subscription includes a 12-month practitioner license for this software that comes with Keys (credits) to unlock training and services.

Design, visualise, communicate, and deliver entire building and site projects with one convenient solution set.

Introducing Building WorkSuite, the most comprehensive building and site design and analysis software bundle. It includes a set of robust applications that work seamlessly together in a single, cost-effective license.

With the right capabilities right where you need them, when you need them, you can deliver complete projects with more efficiency, accuracy, and innovation–and deliver growth to your bottom line. Get started today.

Building WorkSuite includes the following interoperable applications:
  • OpenBuildings Designer
    • OpenBuildings GenerativeComponents ​
    • OpenBuildings Station Designer​
  • OpenBuildings Speedikon
  • ProStructures
  • OpenSite Designer
  • Bentley LumenRT
  • Bentley Descartes​
  • iTwin Capture Modeler
Design and Deliver, Safe, Sustainable, and Distinctive Projects

Integrated Workflow

With software for design, analysis, visualisation, and project management, you can work within a unified ecosystem and efficiently communicate every aspect of a project from inception to completion. Reduce the need for switching between different applications, ensuring a smoother workflow, and reducing the risk of errors or data loss.

Collaboration and Communication

Facilitate real-time collaboration with stakeholders through visualisations, updates, and reports. Changes can be viewed and discussed instantaneously. And better communication with clients means quicker decisions, minimised design delays, and expedited project timelines.

Improved Design Quality and Innovation

Advanced design capabilities, such as parametric modelling and energy analysis, allows for the creation of more complex, sustainable, and innovative designs that can be effortlessly adjusted to assess building performance and adhere to project specifications.

Time Saving

By harnessing design automation capabilities and implementing improved data management practices, the Building WorkSuite solution helps to significantly improve accuracy and decrease costly design errors and the need for rework, resulting in more efficient project workflows.


Building WorkSuite applications can easily adapt to projects of different sizes and complexities, which means that teams don’t have to spend time learning new capabilities or migrating to different software for different projects.​