OpenRail Designer


OpenRail Designer provides comprehensive track, station, yard and overhead line electrification design to support all stages of rail design and operation.

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OpenRail Designer, Revolutionize rail network design

OpenRail Designer is an all-in-one software that handles complex rail design tasks for projects of any size. Easily model design intent, collaborate across multiple disciplines, and improve project deliverables with data-rich BIM workflows.

Design in context

Use multiple data types to effectively understand site and existing conditions, and quickly model design intent to improve design efficiency.

Collaborate across multiple disciplines

Assimilate data from different disciplines to improve collaboration and reduce construction errors and delays.

Use model-based design approach

Reduce repetitive manual work and improve plan production using a 3D model as the hub for all data.

Support BIM workflows

Ensure data-rich BIM deliverables to help advance BIM workflows and create traditional and digital design deliverables.

Visualize designs

Experience design in real time and virtually drive the 3D corridor model to visually evaluate rail features and check clearances.