OpenRoads ConceptStation


Revolutionize Your Roadway Design Process

OpenRoads ConceptStation helps you rapidly create conceptual designs during the preliminary and planning stages of your infrastructure projects. Create multiple design scenarios, draw road and bridge designs, and incorporate contextual information with our intuitive software.

12-month subscription license: Including 3 Keys

  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
    Design in context of reality
    Reuse design elements
    Model design intent
    Integrate across disciplines

Revolutionary Roadway Design Software

Take the preliminary and planning stages of your infrastructure projects to the next level with OpenRoads ConceptStation. Our cutting-edge software lets you perform conceptual designs with roadway and bridge design capabilities. Intelligently model road and land development in context using real-world data and cost analysis to improve your project results.

Create Multiple Design Scenarios

With OpenRoads ConceptStation, you can create multiple design scenarios with associated costs to make better decisions and optimize road and bridge designs. Quickly load your historical bid tabulations to ensure realistic cost information to help determine the best alternative to move forward into detailed design.

Engineering-Friendly Drawing Capabilities

Easily draw roads, ramps, bridges, guardrails, streetlights, and more with engineering-friendly drawing capabilities. You can ensure industry standards are adhered to in your design.

Incorporate Contextual Information

Model in a real-world setting when you locate and download data-rich context information. Easily import data from your GIS to create intelligent 3D models, letting you jump-start your conceptual design process.