Build a more resilient future with PLAXIS 2D geotechnical engineering software from Seequent and Bentley Systems. Choose from PLAXIS 2D, Advanced, Ultimate or WorkSuite to model and analyze geo-engineering projects with finite element analysis in 2D. Achieve accurate results, conduct powerful post-processing, and model diverse geotechnical problems with ease.

12-month subscription license: Including 3 – 5 Keys

  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
  • Model diverse geotechnical problems
  • Create FE models quickly and efficiently
  • Simulate various types of soil and rock behaviour
  • Achieve consistently accurate results
  • Conduct powerful and versatile post-processing

Build a Resilient Future with PLAXIS 2D

Seequent and Bentley Systems have teamed up to offer PLAXIS 2D, the user-friendly geotechnical engineering software that connects the built world above ground with the hidden world below it. Choose from the various versions of PLAXIS 2D to suit your needs.

Modelling Diverse Geotechnical Problems

PLAXIS 2D offers the ability to model diverse geotechnical problems from a single, integrated application. Analyze the deformation and stability of projects ranging from excavations, embankments, and foundations to tunnelling, mining, and geomechanics.

Essential Functionalities with PLAXIS 2D

PLAXIS 2D includes all the essential functionalities to perform everyday deformation and safety analysis for soil and rock that do not require the consideration of creep, steady-state groundwater or thermal flow, consolidation analysis, or any time-dependent effects.

Advanced Analysis with PLAXIS 2D Advanced

PLAXIS 2D Advanced includes everything in PLAXIS 2D and offers more advanced features and material models. Consider creep, flow-deformation coupling through consolidation analysis, and steady-state groundwater or heat flow. Solve problems faster with the multi-core solver.

Extend Your Capabilities with PLAXIS 2D Ultimate.

PLAXIS 2D Ultimate extends the capabilities of PLAXIS 2D Advanced. Analyze the effects of vibrations in the soil, such as earthquake and traffic loads; simulate complex hydrological and time-dependent variations of water levels or flow functions; and assess the effect of transient heat flow on the hydraulic and mechanical behaviour of soil.

Comprehensive Analysis with PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite

PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite is the most comprehensive option, which includes PLAXIS 2D Ultimate and PLAXIS 2D LE. Integrate the powerful and user-friendly finite element and limit equilibrium analysis capabilities for designing and analysing soil, rock, and associated structures.