PLAXIS 3D is a comprehensive geotechnical engineering software that offers 3D finite element analysis for geo-engineering projects. Model soil, rock, and associated structures with ease and determine the deformation and stability of geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics. Choose from PLAXIS 3D, PLAXIS 3D Advanced, PLAXIS 3D Ultimate, or PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite.
12-month subscription license: Including 10 Keys
  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
  • Reliably solve infrastructure challenges
  • Create FE models quickly and efficiently
  • Get realistic assessments of stresses and displacements
  • Drive efficiency with multidiscipline workflows

Build a More Resilient Future with PLAXIS 3D

PLAXIS 3D is a user-friendly, finite-element software for geotechnical engineers worldwide. As a part of the Virtuoso Subscription from Bentley Systems, PLAXIS 3D offers expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts.

Modelling Geo-Engineering Projects in 3D

With PLAXIS 3D, you can analyze subsurface environments for geoengineering projects ranging from excavations, embankments, foundations, tunnelling, and mining, to reservoir geomechanics. Determine the deformation and stability of geotechnical engineering and rock mechanics and quickly assess the geotechnical risk.

Multiple Variations to Meet Your Needs

PLAXIS 3D includes essential functionality to perform everyday deformation and safety analysis for soil and rock. PLAXIS 3D Advanced enhances geotechnical design capabilities with more advanced features and material models. At the same time, PLAXIS 3D Ultimate extends the capabilities to analyze the effects of vibrations in the soil, simulate complex hydrological conditions, and more. The PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite includes everything in PLAXIS 3D Ultimate plus PLAXIS 3D LE for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and PLAXIS Designer to help build 3D conceptual models.