PLAXIS LE – Limit equilibrium geotechnical engineering software for slope stability and groundwater seepage analysis. Get expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts with a Virtuoso Subscription from Virtuosity, Bentley’s eStore.
12-month subscription license: Including 3 – 5 Keys
  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training or services of your choice
  • Analyze extensive sites for spatial stability
  • Perform limit equilibrium slope analysis
  • Determine full 3D slip surface at hundreds of locations
  • Model groundwater seepage in unsaturated or saturated soils and rock in 2D/3D

Revolutionize Geo-Engineering with Limit Equilibrium Analysis PLAXIS LE is a powerful solution for geotechnical engineers looking to perform limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and finite element analysis of groundwater seepage.

Slope Stability Easily analyzes the stability of soil or rock slopes using either saturated or unsaturated methods with PLAXIS LE.

Groundwater Seepage Model groundwater seepage in unsaturated and saturated soils and rocks with PLAXIS LE’s 2D/3D capabilities.

Stress/Deformation Modeling PLAXIS LE offers advanced 2D/3D finite element deformation modelling, including elastoplastic soft-soil behaviour, consolidation, and the elastic deformation of rock materials. Get a complete solution for geotechnical earth structures analysis.

Get Expert Support With a Virtuoso Subscription through Cadventure, Bentley’s eStore, and get expert technical support from Seequent’s subsurface experts. Get access to industry-leading software for design coordination and collaboration and build a more resilient future.