RAM Elements


Perform analysis and design with RAM Elements – including 3D finite element analysis – for any type of structure or structural component, all in one affordable application.

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RAM Elements – The Ultimate Structural Design Solution

Perform Structural Analysis and Design with Ease With RAM Elements, engineers and designers can perform design tasks for steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, timber, and masonry building projects within a single easy-to-use application. With a simple graphic interface, users have the ability to quickly design trusses, continuous beams, frames, retaining walls, masonry walls, tilt-up walls, shear walls, or footings.

Streamline Your Workflow with a Single Application Eliminate the need to learn different programs for steel, concrete, masonry, wood, or cold-formed steel design and eliminate the need to purchase additional products for specialized projects like retaining walls or tilt-up walls. RAM Elements offers a full 3D finite element analysis and design in an easy-to-use package.

Design Comprehensive Structural Models with Ease Make modeling even the most complex projects faster and easier by taking advantage of modeling capabilities that offer increased flexibility. Leverage the customizable desktop environment so your most common commands are readily accessible. RAM Elements offers physical member modeling features so you can design as an engineer, without being a finite element specialist. Design components as part of your 2D or 3D finite element model effortlessly by bringing all the information into the design module automatically. Perform all the necessary design checks including the production of complete drawings, detailed reports, and detailing rebar requirements.

Customize Your Work Model quickly and accurately with customizable features and conform to your company standards. Customize toolbars, model views, display options, and unit systems, and easily create templates so it’s easier to replicate your everyday design structures and save time on every project.