Revolutionize overhead electric distribution systems design with SPIDAcalc. Powerful analysis, intuitive modeling, and make-ready evaluations streamline your process.
12-month subscription license: Including 1 Keys
  • Redeem Keys (training credits) for training
  • Configurable, drag-and-drop user interface
  • Model single-pole overhead electric and telecommunication systems
  • Geometric nonlinear analysis of pole loading, clearances, and remaining strength
  • Prebuilt NESC, CSA, GO95 safety code criteria or build custom load cases

Revolutionize overhead electric distribution systems design with SPIDAcalc, the analysis and design software that increases system integrity, reduces safety concerns, and optimizes overhead financial investments.

SPIDAcalc allows organizations to collect, model, and optimize overhead assets with ease, giving them transparency, control, and flexibility over collection, material specification, and analysis methods. Ideal for electric utilities, telecommunication and broadband providers, engineering and construction contractors, consulting firms, and other industry professionals.

Intuitive Modeling and Design: Streamline your modeling and design process with a superior user interface featuring intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, configurable workspaces, and interactive 2D and 3D views. Quickly create designs by using preconfigured standards and leverage lead connectivity to model an entire pole line with ease.

Powerful Analysis: Backed by a powerful finite element analysis engine, including advanced geometric nonlinear analysis methods, SPIDAcalc provides trusted results to reduce risk across your system. With interactive analysis results, quickly visualize stress, shear, moment, and deflection along the pole along with an innovative patent pending 360-degree radar chart.

Make Ready Evaluations: Leverage Design Layers and the Design Comparison tool to evaluate the impact of changes to your designs and automatically generate make-ready statements to speed up the preparations of deliverables. Utilize Profile View to evaluate above ground and between clearances anywhere along the span.